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Barrel - Part 1
Barrel cropped (1).jpg
Number 1
Date September 30 2005
Series Barrel
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Barrel - Part 1 is the 1st xkcd comic. Like other early xkcd comics, the graphic style is very different from the stick figures that have become the trademark of xkcd.


  • Panel 1: A boy is inside a barrel, floating in the open sea. He says "I wonder where I'll float next?". This Line reappears in "Click and Drag".
  • Panel 2: The same boy is seen from farther away.

No explanation is given for who the boy is or how he got in this situation, but it is implied that he has been floating in the barrel for some time.

Mouseover text[]

"Don't we all"

The mouseover text is a comment on what the boy says in the first panel, with his situation interpreted as a metaphor for life. We all wonder what our life will be like in the future, where we will "float next".

See also[]

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